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Business Information on Italian Companies

A complete investigative report integrating the most important official data about the company under examination, with unofficial confidential data, through high-precision intelligence activities. Every business report includes the comment of an analyst, highlighting the most important information gathered about the company under investigation, the reliability level of the company and the maximum limit of credit recommended.
As regards companies limited by shares, the main data taken from the last official filed balance are reported as well as some of the most important financial ratios.
The sections included in the Business Report on Italian Companies are:

Credit Limit: it underlines the maximum limit of credit suggested defined according to the potentiality of the company to be considered
Synthesis of risk: indicators which evaluate “at a glance” the ‘riskiness’ of the company (Failure score, Sector Risk Indicator, presence of Protested bills and Prejudicial events)
Financial data (only for companies limited by shares): main balance sheet items and ratios compared with the average of the product reference sector

Analyst ‘s comment: explanation and comment on the main information gathered regarding the company
Company identification: taken from the Italian Chambers of Commerce (company name, company type, company address and any branches, fiscal code, date of foundation, registration at the Chambers of Commerce, business status, etc)
Executives: names of the company people in charge (managers, members, etc) completed with their personal data and positions held in the company
Company shareholders: detailed list of members and the percentage of share capital held by each
Economic activity: description of the company object and activities undertaken
Employees: number of individuals employed by the company

Company Premises/Structure: description of the premises comprising the company registered office and any branch offices (type of premises, dimension, location, trade sign), telephone and effective number of employees
Trade structure: field of operation and activities carried out by the company, names of possible customers and/or suppliers (if available), other informal information gathered during checks
News on the company members and directors: it reports possible positions held by the company members and directors in other companies, plus any news involving them
Historical data: checks on all company events which are registered by the Italian Chambers of Commerce

Real estate properties: official controls carried out nationwide by competent offices in order to identify real estate registered under the name of the investigated company and of its main company members and directors jointly and severally
Protested bills and prejudicial events: search for protested bills, insolvencies and prejudicial events (by Italian Court and Real Estate Registers), imputable to both the company, the company members and directors, shareholding members and companies in which they hold leading positions
Press Cuttings: any financial news items found relating to the company under investigation (obtained from daily consultations of about 150 national newspapers)
Relations with Banks: it specifies, where available, the banks with which the company has business relations
Balance sheet: the main balance data are reported (taken from the official registered balance sheet), only for companies limited by shares


Execution time

To verify the solvency of an Italian customer (grant of a company credit)

standard 5 working days
urgent 48 hours


Search sources


Chambers of Commerce, Courts, other Italian Public Sources, local Agents

When service request is activated

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