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Profile of an Italian Individual

It allows to analyze the economic and financial profile of an Italian individual through an aggregation of online information to be found in official sources. Such information are summarized by a risk ratio which can evaluate the level of reliability of the person.

Main information of the report:

  • Positions and shares in companies: information on companies where the subject holds a position or owns stocks and shares (it reports the balance sheet data for companies limited by shares)
  • Historical information: detail of positions previously held by the subject in companies
  • Protested bills: filed in the last 5 years, taken from the Italian Business Register of the Chambers of Commerce
  • Prejudicial events: search on an individual for real estate prejudicial events such as foreclosures and mortgages
  • Insolvency procedure: such as bankruptcies, agreements among creditors, temporary receiverships, etc
  • Real estate properties: resulting from the Italian Real Estate Register
  • Risk press: referred to the requested subject (daily consultations of about 150 national and local newspapers)


Execution time

To verify the solvency of an Italian person

on-line visualization
In few seconds


Search sources


Chambers of Commerce, Court, Real Estate Registers, other Public Sources

Update live on receipt of service request

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